IR Research Challenge – Terms and Conditions


IR Research Challenge – Rules and Guidelines

  • Candidates must sign-up as a competitor through the online form which can be found here before they submit their entry.
  • Following this candidate can submit their stock pitch through e-mail to info@investmentsrevolution.com
  • Stock pitches can be submitted at any time prior to 12:00 pm (NZST), 19th December 2018.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries one candidate can make. Each entry will be assessed on its own individual merits regardless of how many entries a candidate has made.
  • A sock pitch submitted may be refused for lack of quality. A submission is only to be considered as an accepted entry for the competition if it has been published on the Investments Revolution Platform, at www.investmentsrevolution.com
  • Every entry must be on a publically traded company whose shares are traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) or the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX).
  • Entries must be a minimum length of 1000 words. There is no maximum word limit and entries with more words that have substantiated reasoning as opposed to needless waffle may have an advantage. Conversely, entries which have inflated word counts compared to the points being made and could be written in a more succinct fashion will likely be disadvantaged.
  • Each submission must meet the standard set in the Pitch Guidelines and include:
    • An Introduction and Executive Summary of the thesis
    • Industry Research and Analysis
    • Company Overview
    • Investment thesis/Rationale
    • Valuation
    • Risks
    • Conclusion, including a Buy Sell or Hold recommendation




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